Pythian Games 2011

Games results

Congratulations to all our winners!

  • Dal Res Publica Prize ($100) : Greta Landis (Woody Allen's The Whore of Mensa
  • Alumni Prize ($100) : Luke DeWeese (Catullus' Hymn to Diana and other pieces)
  • Chair's Prize ($100 each) : Katie Middleton (a passage from Aulus Gellius' Attic Nights) and Dominic Lacasse (a passage from Homer's Iliad)
  • Howard Murray Prize ($250) : choristers of Dr. Emily Varto's Intermediate Greek Class 2010-2011 (a chorus from Euripides' Ion)

News and photos from the 2011 games

You can read the Dal News article about the first games, and view a photo gallery of the events, taken by Dalhousie photographer Bruce Bottomley.