Four prizes awarded to games' winners

Howard Murray Prize in Classics ($250)

The Howard Murray Prize, named for a most distinguished Professor of Classics at Dalhousie in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Howard Murray (1859-1930). "He had a faculty all his own for delivering a forceful address in a quiet manner, and his keen wit was remarkable. One of his chief recreations was quoting."

Chair's Prize ($150)

The Chair's Prize has been established by the current Chair of the Classics Department, Dr Wayne Hankey. Dr. Hankey is much esteemed as a lecturer and orator. "All things are contemplation or stem from contemplation." - Plotinus

Dr Atherton Memorial Latin Prize ($100)

Dr. Patrick Atherton, a long-time faculty member in the Classics Department, passed away in September 2012 at the age of 77. Among other acts of commemoration, we are establishing a Pythian prize for best performance in Latin in his memory, the details of which are to be announced.

Alumni Prize ($100)

The Alumni Prize has been established to pay tribute to the contribution of Classics graduates of Dalhousie University in the fields of law, government, religion, journalism, and business, in all of which oratory continues to play a central role.

Res Publica Prize ($100)

The Res Publica Prize has been established by the Dal Res Publica Undergraduate Students' Society as a means of encouraging student participation in the oratorical arts in the Vulgar Tongues. It shall be rewarded to the participant whose Reading, Recitation or Declamation in a Vulgar Tongue is most worthy of recognition.