George Hanna

Teaching Assistant

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Biography and Academic Background


I've been raised in Lebanon, where I obtained an MBA, and gained strong experience in teaching and coaching. In 2007, I moved to Halifax, which I found a lovely place to live and work. The same year, I started teaching Arabic Language, as a TA, with Dr. Firanescu; and I delightfully continue to do it.

My experience in teaching began with teaching computer management in a Lebanese high school for two years, which helped me spreading my teaching experience and knowledge, especially in dealing with students from different backgrounds and cultures.

I consider the Arabic language as a challenging and diversified language. It is the key to understand some of the most important political and cultural topics in the world and especially those of the Middle East - the cradle of civilizations - which is so rich in history, poetry, religion, etc.

I do believe that "By learning you will teach; and by teaching you will learn".