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Intermdiate SAS Workshop and Training

In the Introduction to SAS Workshop, participants learned how to open datasets, merge data files, recode variables and produce descriptive statistics.

This next workshop assumes that users have already worked with their data to produce their dependent and independent variables and are ready to conduct various tests of significance and measures of association. Participants will learn how to produce and interpret chi-square tests, t-tests, Pearson product moment correlation matrices, reliability analyses, analysis of variance and ordinary least squares regression results using SAS software with public-use micro-data. As this is an applied or hands-on workshop, all attempts will be made to limit discussions concerning the theory behind these various statistical techniques.

Therefore, it is assumed that participants come to the workshop with some prior knowledge as to the theory and uses of the statistical tests covered by the workshop. At least one hour is guaranteed to be the hands-on component – where the participants have the opportunity to work with the dataset in SAS to produce these various statistical tests.