Talent Pool

Student Researchers for Hire

This talent pool is a new component of the ARDC website, promoting researchers with quantitative research experience who are available to work as research assistants in the ARDC. The researchers listed below have demonstrated a wide range of analytical skills and expertise, perfectly suited for research at the ARDC.

E-mail Experience with RDC Datasets
Experience with other  datasets (i.e. PUMF)
Analysis Software Skills
Degree Program Research Interests
Mark Staples mark.staples@dal.ca
NPHS, CCHS R MASc Industiral Engineering Healthcare, education, ethics simulation, machine learning. 
Min Hu
minhu@dal.ca CCHS, APS, IALSS, PIACC APS, Census Stata, SAS, R
PhD Economics
Applied microeconomics, health economics, Labout economics, and data mining.
Anna Von Maltzahn avm@dal.ca N/A CIHI: NHEX, National Physician Database, Health Personnel Database Stata MSc Epidemiology Nutrition, education, child and youth health.
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