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New Data: Canadian Census Health and Environment Cohort (CanCHEC) 2001

Posted by ARDC on March 22, 2017 in News

The Canadian Census Health and Environment Cohort (CanCHEC) 2001 is now available for use by researchers working in the Atlantic Research Data Centre. The 2001 Canadian Census Health and Environment Cohort (CanCHEC) is a large population-based dataset that allows for the examination of mortality outcomes by census characteristics (i.e. ethnocultural and socioeconomic factors).

The overall objective of CanCHEC was to create a database linking census data from the longform questionnaire to mortality data to develop a set of baseline indicators of mortality to monitor health disparities in Canada.

More specifically, the goal was to facilitate analyses of mortality and causes of death by indicators of social position, occupation and industry, ethnicity, birthplace and other sociodemographic variables, and multi-level analyses of those effects, including local area variations Please also note, access is granted separately for 1991 CanCHEC and 2001 CanCHEC. 


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