Charles Hostovsky



Mailing Address: 
615 O’Brian Hall
PO Box 15000, Halifax, NS, Canada B3H 4R2
Research Topics:
  • Sustainable and Equitable City Infrastructure – Municipal Solid-Waste Management (3Rs), Transportation, Pedestrian and Cycling Design, Potable Water/Wastewater
  • Environmental Planning & Impact Assessment/Greenway Planning/Resilience
  • Transit-Oriented Development, Travel Demand Management
  • Land Use Planning - New Urbanism, Official Plans & Zoning, Urban Design
  • Environmental Planning for First Nations – Traditional Land and Resource Use
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution - Public Consultation and Engagement
  • Field experience: Canada/USA, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, India, China


  • Certificate of Postdoctoral Study (2003) – McMaster University
  • Ph.D. (Planning) (2002) - University of Waterloo, School of Planning
  • Masters in Environmental Studies-Planning (1990) - York University
  • Baccalaureate Degree - Geography & Biology - University of Toronto


  • PLAN 2201 Introduction to Environmental Planning
  • PLAN 2002 Community Design Methods
  • PLAN 2010 Sustainable Community Design
  • PLAN 4001 Environmental Planning Studio
  • PLAN 4002 Urban Design Studio
  • PLAN 4150/6150 Waste Management Planning
  • PLAN 6500 Integrative Team Project
  • PLAN 6505 Seminar on Theories, Ideas, and Debates in Planning

Selected Publications

  • Hostovsky, Charles. 2018. “The relationship between green places and urban society: understanding the evolution and integration of city planning and the ecological sciences”, in Planning Knowledge, edited by Tom Sanchez (Virginia Tech). Routledge, pp. 85-109.
  • Hostovsky, C. and Graci, S. 2016. “Environmental Assessment in Ontario: Moving from Comprehensive Planning and Decision-Making to Streamlined Approvals” in Hanna, Kevin S. (ed.), third edition. Environmental Impact Assessment: Practice and Participation. Toronto: Oxford University Press, pp. 373-393..
  • Hostovsky, Charles. 2014. “Environmental Sustainability” in Michalos, Alex C. (ed.) The Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well-Being Research, Springer: pp. 1924-1926.
  • Hostovsky, Charles, and General, Paul. 2013. “Six Nations of the Grand River Territory and the Grand River Notification Agreement: Towards Consensus in Land Use and Environmental Planning”, Plan Canada, pp. 43-47.
  • Garkowski, Jeffrey, and Hostovsky, Charles. 2011. “Policy versus Practice in Municipal Solid Waste Diversion: The Role of the Waste Crisis in Ontario Waste Planning”, Canadian Journal of Urban Research, Vol. 20, No. 1, pp. 1-22.
  • Hostovsky, Charles. 2011. “Hybrid and Electric Automobiles: Implications to Transportation Demand Management”, in Robbins, Paul, Mulvaney, Dustin, and Golson, J. Geoffrey (eds.). Green Society: Toward a Sustainable Future, Volume 10: Green Technology. SAGE, p. 247-254.
  • Hostovsky, C. and Maclaren, V., McGraff, G. April 2010. “The role of public involvement in environmental impact assessment in Vietnam: towards a more culturally sensitive approach”. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Vol. 53, No. 3, pp. 405–425.
  • Hostovsky, C. 2009. “Greenwashing”, in Paul Robbins, Juliana R. Mansvelt, J. Geoffrey Golson (eds.). Green Society: Toward a Sustainable Future - Green Consumerism: An A-to-Z Guide. SAGE
  • Hostovsky, C. 2006. “The Paradox of the Rational Comprehensive Model of Planning: Tales From Waste Management Planning in Ontario, Canada. ” Journal of Planning Education and Research. Vol. 25 No. 4, pp. 382-395.
  • Even-Har, Meirav and Hostovsky, C. 2006. “The Montreal Car Free Day: A Catalyst for Multimodal Transportation Planning”. Plan Canada. Vol. 46, No. 2, pp. 17-20.
  • Hostovsky, C 2005. “Evaluation in Integrated Waste Management: Understanding the Crisis and Improving Practice Through Planning Theory”, Canadian Journal of Urban Research, Vol. 14, No. 1, pp. 81-101.
  • Hostovsky, C , Hall, Fred, L, Wakefield, S. 2004. “Freeway Users’ Perceptions Of Quality Of Service: A Comparison Of Three Groups”. Transportation Research Record No. 1883, pp. 150-157.
  • Hostovsky, C and Hall, Fred. L. 2003. “Freeway Quality of Service: Perceptions of Tractor-Trailer Drivers”. Transportation Research Record No. 1852, pp. 19-25.
  • Hostovsky, C . 2000. “Integrating Planning Theory and Waste Management – An Annotated Bibliography”, Journal of Planning Literature, Vol. 15, No. 2, pp. 305 – 332.

Professional Practice

  • 5 years - Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Transportation
  • 3 years - planning department medium sized Ontario city
  • 10 years F/T consulting - WSP Global Inc, CH2M Hill

Membership and Service

  • Ontario Professional Planners Institute (Registered Professional Planner – RPP)
  • Global Planning Educators Interest Group - Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning
  • City of Hamilton Clean Air Committee
  • City of Hamilton Environmental Advisory Committee
  • International Association for Impact Assessment
  • City of Burlington Anti-Drinking and Driving Committee