BCD Honours Students


Emilie Pothier From: Dartmouth, NS
Thesis Topic: Mass Evacuation Planning: A Multiple Criteria Evaluation to Determine Shelter Locations in Halifax, Nova Scotia Supervisor: Ahsan Habib  
Bio: Planning offers an interdisciplinary and place-based approach to problem-solving that has allowed me to explore the landscape and communities in a fascinating and unique way. Through my particular interests in coastal adaptation, demographics, and transportation, I look forward to being a part of the process of guidance as we move into the future together  
Lindsay Slade From: Halifax, NS  


Thesis topic: Tiny Homes and Big Aspirations: Identifying Barriers and Opportunities to Living Small in Halifax Regional Municipality
Supervisor: Ren Thomas  
Bio: I became interested in planning when living abroad. During this time I had the opportunity to visit many different cities and wondered what made each one different and exciting. I desired to be able to contribute to the development of cities from this experience and have had the opportunity to work as a summer student for the Municipality of Kings, as an intern at the Department of Municipal Affairs, and be a member of the HRM Active Transportation Advisory Committee. I chose the BCD program at Dalhousie because it is in my hometown, and is a well respected and accredited program that exposes and trains students to a wide variety of planning matters and problem solving techniques
Owen Sieffert From: Victoria, BC  
Thesis topic: Equity in the Urban Forest: Analyzing Canopy Cover in Crichton Park and Harbourview
Supervisor: Dr. Eric Rapaport  
Bio: I chose to study planning due the everyday difference the discipline can make and how the multi-disciplinary approach combines my interests in social and physical science. Through the BCD program, I became interested in environmental planning and the role of planning in addressing climate change and sustainability issues in an urban setting. In the future, I hope to contribute to making cities more liveable, sustainable, and equitable through work with a municipality or non-profit.  
Alyson Dobrota From: Kentville, NS
Thesis topic: Developing an Evaluation Framework for Small-Scale, Community-Based Events
Supervisor: Dr. Eric Rapaport  
Bio: I’ve always been interested in community development and sustainability, and studying planning has helped me pursue that interest. I love learning about such a wide variety of topics; everything from zoning and policy to geography, urban design, and community engagement. I’m interested in working in community development and food security in urban and rural settings and look forward to seeing where my degree can take me!
Sarah Fanjoy From: Dartmouth, NS  
Thesis topic: Evaluation of Argyle Shared Street
Supervisor: Ahsan Habib  
Bio: I am interested in the built environment and how it influences how we live and interact
Claire Tusz From: Huntsville, On  
Thesis topic: Design solutions to remedy obstructed streetscapes Supervisor: Mikiko Terashima  
Bio: I have always felt overwhelmed by the environmental problems that our modern day society faces. Planning is one of the few professions where environmental change-making can move beyond advocacy into practice. I am becoming a planner so that making large-scale environmentally-friendly decisions can be my career. My interests include studying human scale design, mental health in both rural and urban communities, and the advantages of protecting and harnessing ecosystem services within urban environments. My thesis project is of particular interest to me because community gardens encompass and provide benefits to each of those topics.  
Lewis Pope From: Southampton, England  
Thesis topic: Multi-Criteria Analysis for siting a recreation facility in Kings County, NS Supervisor: Lisa Berglun  
Bio: I chose Faculty of Planning four years ago because of my interest in the combined application of public consultation and design. I am interested in their ability to create an environment that people of all ages, abilities and background can successfully live within. I believe every urban environment has the potential to make friends feel like family, work feel like home and everyone feel welcome.
Alex Kitson From: Vancouver, BC  
Thesis topic: Planning With Sites of Difficult Heritage
Supervisor: Lisa Berglund  
Bio: My thesis work focuses on understanding the precedent of planning work with sites of difficult heritage, in order to inform similar work with sites of the Indian Residential School Program in Canada. Using qualitative content analysis, I am assessing similar sites to the Residential Schools that exist world wide in order to understand planning strategies used. It is my hope that the findings will help better equip planners to support reconciliation work in Canada.