BCD Honours Students


Rachel Bridgehouse From: Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Thesis topic: Analysis of climate change adaptation planning in HRM Supervisor: Patricia Manuel  
Bio: I am interested in planning because it values the broad context of the built form. Urban design considering environmental concerns is where I hope to add value in the field of planning.  
Kale Bryant From: New Dundee, ON  


Thesis topic: Wilderness access and recreation corridor connectivity in the Shaw Wilderness Park Supervisor: Patricia Manuel  
Bio: In general, I chose planning as a profession because of the ability to make a positive impact on communities. Planning affects all of us in our day to day lives, and I want to do what I can to help cities and towns adapt to new challenges. My main interests are environmental and park planning, but I've done extensive work relating to social planning issues and land development.  
Paul Cloutier From: Vancouver, BC  
Thesis topic: Challenges and Issues of Parking in Downtown Halifax Supervisor: Ahsan Habib  
Bio: I chose Dalhousie for its small class sizes and accredited program. I hope to work for a Nova Scotian municipality after graduation in land use and planning applications.  
Christina Drebot From: Kingston, Ontario  
Thesis topic: How does neighbourhood socioeconomic status relate to greenspace accessibility? Supervisor: Mikiko Terashima  
Bio: I chose to pursue Planning at Dalhousie University because it is one of the only undergraduate program that is accredited in Canada. Halifax is such a wonderful city to study in and the Community Design program has really enriched my interest in environmental planning and sustainability.  
Lina El-Setouhy From: Cairo, Egypt  
Thesis topic: Hubbards Community Waterfront Association Case Study Supervisor: John Zuck  
Bio: I chose planning because I was interested in exploring the relations between space, environment, and people. I found that planning is integrated in almost every aspect in life. I am interested in conducting research through GIS analysis. Through the BCD program, I became extremely interested in environemntal conservation, landscape ecology, and designing healthy communities. After graduation, I hope to work in conservation planning or landscape planning in Canada or abroad.  
Chloé Espiard From: Montreal, QC  
Thesis topic: Design solutions to remedy obstructed streetscapes Supervisor: Frank Palermo  
Bio: I chose to come to Dal because I wanted to experience something a little bit different for my university experience and meet people from all over Canada. Planning is of particular interest interest to me because I love how it incorporates so many different aspects and there is the possibility to actually make an impact on our society. I love design and spaces that look and feel good whether these be exterior plazas or functional indoor spaces and I hope to pursue something in this field in the future.  
Mitch Gold From: Burlington, ON  
Thesis topic: Multi-Criteria Analysis for siting a recreation facility in Kings County, NS Supervisor: Eric Rapaport  
Bio: I was drawn to the planning program because it involves creative multi-disciplinary solutions to the ever-evolving landscape. As a result, every project will be different and unpredictable, which is very compelling to me.  
Ben Hammer From: Ottawa, Ontario  
Thesis topic: Measuring Access to Public Transportation for Research Exploring Connections Between the Built Environment and Public Health Supervisor: Mikiko Terashima  
Bio: Public transit, and its ability to bring people together, is what inspired me to pursue planning as a career. I hope to improve transit connections between communities, to help people find connection and opportunity beyond their geographic comfort zone.  
Bana Helou From: Calgary, AB  
Thesis topic: Mandating interpretive planning in Nova Scotia conservation policies Supervisor: John Zuck  
Bio: I found an unexpected love for forestry in Nova Scotia; I had moved to Halifax for its oceans, but I found myself becoming obsessed with its diverse flora. I would like to focus my career in planning on conserving these incredible forests, though I am also interested in land conservation in general, including special places and historic landmarks. I believe that conservation is a community endeavour, and it is the responsibility of planners to bring together people and place. Through education and community involvement, we can encourage a deeper appreciation for natural and cultural sites from everyone.  
Brendan Lamb Berwick, NS  
A digital historical analysis of Richmond, Halifax Eric Rapaport  
I have always believed that the only way to make the changes we want to see in our communities is through discusion and engagment. It's for this reason that I became interested in planning. I hope to broaden and grow the way citys, developers, and governmnet communicate and interact with their communities during my planning career.  
Christine Lee From: Richmond Hill, ON  
Thesis topic: Analysing the efficacy of Official Plans through the appeal process in Ontario Supervisor: Dave Guyadeen  
Bio: I choose planning as a profession to because I am inspired by how communities function and need to contribute to shaping our future. After graduation I wish to continue to develop my visual and oral communication skills to write good policies and design complete communities.  
Juniper Littlefield From: Halifax, Nova Scotia  
Thesis topic: Drug-Related Crime in Dartmouth North Supervisor: Ren Thomas  
Bio: Before entering the planning program I was interested in sociology, architecture and sustainability. I chose planning because its truly place-based and hollistic approach to urbanism appeals to me. I am interested in planning's ability to create equity, and its many effects on our social environment. I have work experience creating video content on planning issues for PLANifax, and researching housing affordability in HRM with The Affordable Housing Association of Nova Scotia.  
Rachel Lynn From: Toronto, ON  
Thesis topic: Measuring sense of place in the built environment as a means of mental health promotion. Supervisor: Mikiko Terashima  
Bio: I chose to come to Dal because of the Community Design program size, it is more specialized than many other programs and I wanted to live on the east coast. Planning became an interest of mine when I started to see my community at home changing around me.  
Taylor MacIntosh From: Dartmouth, NS  
Thesis topic: A Digital Analysis of the Deindustialization of the Halifax Waterfront Supervisor: Eric Rapaport  
Bio: I've always loved the city and the interactions that happen in it and so I knew I wanted to go into a field that would allow me to make the city experience better for everyone. I chose Dalhousie because of the accredited undergraduate program and because it was close to home. I am interested in placemaking as well as figuring out ways to influencing creative and inclusive designs in the built environment and cannot wait to put my skills to work in either the private or public sector.  
Malinda Parks From: Gagetown, NB  
Thesis topic: The significance of community slogans in New Brunswick Supervisor: Patricia Manuel  
Bio: I chose to study at the Dalhousie School of Planning because it offered a respected and accredited program that allows me to learn about how communities function and develop. In summer 2017, I had the opportunity to work for the City of Fredericton during their municipal plan review, which allowed me to explore land-use planning, policy reseach and development, and public engagement in a professional setting.  
Kirsten Pichaloff From: Abbotsford, BC  
Thesis topic: Community-level access to green and recreational space in HRM Supervisor: Mikiko Terashima  
Bio: I chose Dalhousie because of its accredited bachelor's degree and smaller city setting. My interest in planning as a profession came from my lifelong passion for housing. I got my diploma in Architectural Technology and realised along the way that I wanted a career that focused more on creating places for people, not just buildings. I hope to work in community planning or residential development so I can have a positive impact on the places people live.  
Chelseay Rudolph From: Halifax, NS  
Thesis topic: Multi-Criteria Analysis for siting a recreation facility in Kings County Supervisor: Eric Rapaport  
Bio: I chose to study planning at Dalhousie because it is an accredited program that is close to home. After graduation, I hope to find work in rural Nova Scotia.  
Megan Reddy From: San Jose, California  
Thesis topic: Preparing for Pot Supervisor: Ren Thomas  
Bio: My main intersts in planning are how the physical form of a city can influence its social environment, and how planners can ensure equity for residents through zoning. After graduation, I see myself working for a city or municipality, or for a non-profit organization to help educate the public on issues in their community and how they can be invovled in kickstarting positive change.  
Emily Statton From: Mahone Bay, NS  
Thesis topic: An inventory and analysis of community slogans in Nova Scotia Supervisor: Patricia Manuel  
Bio: I chose to study planning because I was interested in exploring how communities are designed and develop over time. I have a passion for visual representation, and I find that I can express this through planning. After graduation I hope to stay and work for a Nova Scotian municipality.  
Ryan Tram
From: Calgary, Alberta  
Thesis topic: Affordable rental housing programs in mid to large sized Canadian municipalities Supervisor: Ren Thomas
Bio: In my opinion, planning is a very broad discipline with huge capacity for career growth and personal fulfilment since it concerns integral aspects of everyday life for everyday people (i.e. housing, transportation, community). Planning initially was just an interesting program on paper but I quickly became enamored with its complexity and interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving. In terms of my professional aspirations, I hope to work in a private sector firm that specialises in urban design either in a large Canadian city or abroad in Asia.    
Katie Walker From: Burlington, ON  
Thesis topic: Analysis of Canadian Climate Change Action Plans Supervisor: Dave Guyadeen  
Bio: I chose planning because it is a program that can act as a leeway into future career or educational opportunities. Planning has made me see cities in a different perspective.