2019-2020 is accreditation year at the School of Architecture. Examples of student work from all courses will be gathered in the fall, winter, and summer terms. This will culminate in a large exhibition for a visiting team from the Canadian Architectural Certification Board in Winter 2021. The team will examine all facets of the professional architecture program. For details, see our Professional Accreditation page.

The CACB expects each student to achieve certain standards in 24 Student Performance Criteria by the end of the MArch program. The following links indicate which SPCs (if any) are addressed in each course.

BEDS - Year 3

ARCH 3001: Design (B1)
ARCH 3002: Design (B2)
ARCH 3106: Ancient Settlements, Landscapes, and Buildings (B1)
ARCH 3107: Modern Settlements, Landscapes, and Buildings (B2)
ARCH 3207: Building Technology (B1)
ARCH 3208: Building Technology (B2)
ARCH 3301: Professional Practice (B1)
ARCH 3302: Professional Practice (B2)
ARCH 3501: Representation (B1)
ARCH 3502: Representation (B2)

BEDS - Year 4

ARCH 4003: Design (B3)
ARCH 4004: Free Lab (B3)
ARCH 4005: Design (B5)
ARCH 4112: Architectural History and Theory: 20th Century to Present (B3)
ARCH 4113: Architectural Theory and Interpretation (B5)
ARCH 4211: Building Systems Integration (B3)
ARCH 4212: Building Systems Integration (B5)
ARCH 4303: Professional Practice (B3)
ARCH 4304: Professional Practice (B5)
ARCH 4501: Representation (B3)
ARCH 4502: Representation (B5)
ARCH 8892: Professional Practice: Co-op Work Term (B4)

MArch - Years 5 and 6

ARCH 5002: Urban Housing Studio
ARCH 5004-1: Urban Systems Studio
ARCH 5004-2: Urban Systems Studio
ARCH 5007-1: Landscape Studio
ARCH 5007-2: Landscape Studio
ARCH 5011: Coastal Studio
ARCH 5013: Design-Build Studio
ARCH 5102: Housing Theory
ARCH 5106: International Sustainable Development
ARCH 5110: Architectural Exhibitions
ARCH 5116: Social Theory and Design
ARCH 5198-1: Humanities Seminar
ARCH 5198-3: Humanities Seminar
ARCH 5199-1: Humanities Seminar
ARCH 5199-2: Humanities Seminar
ARCH 5210: Life Cycle Analysis
ARCH 5211: Construction Detail
ARCH 5212-1: From Principle to Detail
ARCH 5212-2: From Principle to Detail
ARCH 5212-3: From Principle to Detail
ARCH 5217: Innovation in Computers and Building
ARCH 5220: Adaptive Re-use
ARCH 5221: Building Systems Design
ARCH 5299: Technology Seminar
ARCH 5308: Professional Practice: Co-op Work Term (M3)
ARCH 5309: Professional Practice: Co-op Work Term (M4)
ARCH 5311: Professional Practice (M6)
ARCH 6002: Free Lab (M1)
ARCH 6126: Architectural Translation
ARCH 6304: Entrepreneurship
ARCH 6503: Photography in Architecture
ARCH 6504: Montage in Architecture
ARCH 6510: Architectural Documentation and Analysis
ARCH 9012: MArch Thesis I
ARCH 9013: MArch Thesis II