Advanced Building Lab


  • Room HA-26 (ground floor, Medjuck Building)


  • student access 24/7 (but must have completed the lab orientation to use computer-aided fabrication equipment)



  • training facility and technical workshop
  • supports student and faculty fabrication and prototyping
  • specialized equipment for digital modeling
  • equipment for modeling, fabrication, and prototyping in plaster, metals, and plastics
  • lab area: 870 square feet


Emanuel Jannasch (lab supervisor):
  • conducts the lab orientations
  • assists and trains students in the proper use of the tools and equipment
  • is available for consultation on methods for achieving fabrication goals

Tools and Equipment

  • laser cutter: Exercise No. 1 [pdf]
  • 3D printer
  • plaster sink and work area
  • metal working tools (restrictions apply)


  • lab users supply their own materials
  • to have large items delivered directly to the lab, check with the supervisor; storage space is limited

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