Emily Davis


A Shining Star



To say Emily Davis has made an impact on the Faculty of Agriculture and the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus over the past four years is an understatement.  Her passion to enhance student life, her dedication to helping others, her ambition to assist students in any capacity and her success both academically and with extracurricular activities, make Emily Davis a shining star.

A native of Oxford, NS, Emily has dedicated her time on the Agricultural Campus to not only the Faculty of Agriculture, but to the student body as a whole.

At this year’s IMPACT awards ceremony, her contributions were recognized as she went home with awards for Student Government, Student Leadership and the Philip Stead Memorial Excellence in Student Leadership Award.

“To win an impact award here on the AC campus is such an honour. It is so nice to be recognized for making an impact on the campus that I call home,” said Emily.  “In my time at AC my involvement outside the classroom through student leadership has been the most rewarding experience and has shaped me as a person. I love doing what I do and to have that recognized means the world,” she added.  

Emily sincerely wants to make a difference at the Faculty of Agriculture and the community around her.  She worked diligently to enhance student life through her work as Vice- President Finance with the Dalhousie Agricultural Students’ Association (DASA) and her student position with Student Services.  She has actively engaged with clubs to assist with forming budgets and planning events.  She was a key contact for all new students and has been a wealth of knowledge for choosing classes, getting involved and adjusting to university life.

“I was fortunate to gain a wonderful friend here at the AC, Robyn McCallum, who has been my biggest supporter for most of my studies. I treasure her friendship very much and for all she motivated and challenged me to do.  Without her I would not have been as likely to be as involved on campus as I was.”

To Emily, being a student leader means being focused on empowering other students and contributing to student life.

“Being a student leader is a win-win situation. You can often see the impacts you have on your campus community and it makes you feel good inside,” she explained. “It is a great feeling to be part of something bigger than yourself. It can also be an empowering role that has a ripple effect on others and can encourage others to be involved and contribute as well.”

Students are introduced to Emily's contribution to student life immediately when they arrive for Orientation.  Her understanding of the first year students' experience allows a fun, memorable and easy transition to University life.  Emily is never afraid to take a Leadership role but equally important she is a behind the scenes thinker and worker.  When people look to her and when it is needed, she acts, swiftly, decisively & confidently.

“To watch Emily's kindness in action, you need only to spend five minutes with her anywhere on campus.  She remarkably knows everyone by their first name and constantly reaches out to students as they walk by to check in, touch base and offer words of encouragement,” said DASA Manager Pat Jeffcock.  “If she attempts to study in the library, she is tackled by herds of students looking for advice, wanting to say hello and asking for help with club activities, choosing courses and getting involved.  Emily never says no- she helps them all and goes above and beyond to follow up with each student.”

Emily was recently voted Valedictorian by the graduating Class of 2016 and will address her fellow classmates during Convocation ceremonies on Friday, May 13th.

 “I have changed so much from the time I first stepped on campus to now. The AC has made me into a better and stronger version of myself.  I honestly think my four years here on campus have been the best four years of my life. I fell in love with the campus, the people, my program- I truly love it all. I never imagined that the AC would provide me with so many opportunities and allow me to grow in ways I didn’t even know were possible.”

Following convocation, Emily will be returning to Dalhousie University to begin her Master’s degree in Environmental Studies on the Halifax campus.