Deney Augustine Joseph

A Global Citizen

Deney Augustine Joseph makes his mark on the Agricultural Campus

Two countries, two universities and two degrees equals one global citizen.Deney Augustine Joseph completed three years of a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture at Annamalai University in India and traveled to Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Agriculture in Canada where he also completed a Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Landscape Horticulture.

“To me, it was a great opportunity to explore globalization,” he says. And explore he did. Deney was the first recipient of the Global Citizenship Impact Award this past March.

The award recognizes a student who has demonstrated an active commitment to internationalization of the campus, promotion of multiculturalism, pursuit of social justice and civic engagement locally and outside the campus community.

“Deney has carved out an incredible reputation for being enthusiastic, friendly, inclusive and willing to take on new challenges,” said Assistant Dean Students Dr. Keltie Jones. “He is able to recognize the needs of his fellow international students, while embracing Canadian culture.”

A well-respected peer educator, Deney has dedicated his energy to ensuring that others are comfortable and confident when learning about positive and healthy lifestyles. He is sincerely committed to helping others in his community and is an active participant in the Faculty’s student leadership program, SAIL, has served on the International Student’s Association and is a PROsocial peer educator.

“As an International student, I love being involved in orientation and other activities on campus,” explains Deney. “I’m passionate about helping people in need. During the beginning of the new academic year I love to interact with new students and help them to get comfortable with their new environment,” he added. “I think communication is the best remedy to get people energetic and enthusiastic.”

Growing up in a farming family in Kerala, India influenced Deney’s career path. “I grew up on a farm where we grow plantation crops such as coconut, rubber trees, cocoa and other spices,” he explained. “It influenced me to get into the field of Agriculture and it was here that I found my interest in entomology,” he added.

Courses such as Residential Landscape Design, Turfgrass Production and Management, Landscape Horticulture, Urban Tree Management, Landscape Design and Construction, Horticultural Therapy, Project Management and Geographical Information System in the Environmental Sciences department further solidified his decision.

“I learned about the invaluable role played by insects towards pollination and natural predation,” explained Deney. “This knowledge pushed me to dig for more information about insects and to change the perception of people about insects as most think of insects as pests.”

Deney completed his undergraduate degree at the Faculty of Agriculture and is currently pursuing his Masters of Science in the field of Entomology under the supervision of Dr. Chris Cutler.

“Deney is one of the kindest, most generous and conscientious students I have met,” said Dr. Cutler. “He always seems to be in a good mood and his smile is infectious. To boot, he is very bright and hard-working. These traits will ensure Deney will make valuable contributions to his field.”

Deney plans to pursue a career in agricultural research and hopes to return to his family farm in India.

“My time at the AC has been unforgettable and invaluable,” said Deney. “This campus has given me a lot of exposure, new friends and opportunities and has made me a better person.”

Environmental Landscape Horticulture

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