Erin MacPherson

Hooked on Books

By Katherine Doyle

In 1998 Erin MacPherson packed her bags and headed for a new province, little did she know it would later become her new home.

Originally from Newfoundland, Erin graduated from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College in 2001 with a Plant Science Technician Diploma, and in 2004 with a B.Sc. in Plant Science respectively.

Following graduation Erin had moved back home.

“My husband and I had just got married, and we were both working in Newfoundland when he was offered a job in Truro. We thought, well, we can stay here for the next 30 years, or we can see what else is out there,” she added. “It’s been a great move for us overall.”

She began working here at the Agricultural Campus in December of 2006 in the Research Office, and two years later in 2008 she had the opportunity to work at the MacRae Library and she’s been there ever since.

If that wasn’t enough, she also did her Masters in Library and Information Studies part time from Dalhousie University while working full-time at the library, completing the degree in 2015.

In October of 2015 she began her current position as the Research & Instruction Librarian, where she provides online help via LiveHelp and conducts library instruction among other things.

“I don’t know that I could ask for a better job. Every day is different which is why I like it.”

Growing up, Erin loved libraries.

“I grew up in libraries, worked at this library while I was in university, I worked at the MUN library. Opportunities arose that combined my agriculture and library background.”

Erin is currently involved in a number of projects within the Library system. She, along with a colleague in Halifax, is working on developing a Research Data Management service that includes supporting infrastructure for all Dalhousie faculty to ensure researchers are in compliance with the Tri-Agency requirements for research data. Erin is also involved in the library component of the Agricultural Transformation through Stronger Vocational Education  international development project.  

In her spare time, Erin loves to sit down with a good book.

 “It’s probably not surprising, but I read EVERYTHING. My favourites are British mysteries and I have a huge personal library of books including mysteries, biographies, and agriculture. I love learning and once I find something I’m interested in, I to want to know as much as I can about the subject. I’m also a bit of a news junkie. ”

Becoming a librarian wasn’t a decision for Erin.

“I was following my instinct and following a path that was working for me.”

Following your instinct is a big deal for Erin, “I really try to follow my instinct when it comes to my life. I always want to progress. I try to use my intuition a lot when making major decisions and I want to see where life will take me.”

Her words of wisdom?

“Have a plan, but be flexible and persevere.”


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