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  • High School Engineering Design Competition
    May 31, 2019 9:00 AM

    For students interested in STEM, design exposure is key to further understanding the engineering profession. The High School Engineering Design Competition will allow participants an exceptional, agriculturally based engineering design experience.

    The concepts needed for this competition will be based off a general level of engineering knowledge related to Physics, such as forces, mechanics, etc. Although we recommend randomly assigned teams, we are open to allow participants to request teammates. If requests match (i.e. Jane Doe requests Jill Smith and Jill Smith requests Jane Doe) we will do our best to make all requests happen.

    Teams will design and construct a prototype, present their solution to peers and a team of judges ,including Professional Engineers.  Competitors must work within time constraints to design, create, and test a physical prototype for their proposed solution. Each team will be judged based on their design, application, teamwork, and performance, with regards to both their prototype and presentation.