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Integrated Environmental Management

In the Integrated Environmental Management program, we're proud of our committment to research. Our students and professors alike are taking part in projects that advance knowledge and new technologies for environmental sustainability, rural growth, or bioresource innovation in support of the agri-food and aquaculture industries.

Selected researchers in Integrated Environmental Management

Dr. Gordon W. Price

Dr. Price is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Agriculture and Industry Research Chair in the area of innovative waste management. His specialties include waste management and the disposal of specified risk materials; the degradation of resistant proteins in soils and biological systems; and the environmental impact of contaminants from organic amendments.

Some of Dr. Price's current research projects include the following:

  • using composting systems for the control of prion-mediated diseases
  • monitoring of pharmaceutical and persistant organic pollutants in soils and aquatic systems from the land-application of municipal biosolids
  • characterization and inventory of organic waste feedstocks in Atlantic Canada
  • evaluation of waste to energy technologies
  • bio-fertilizer and nursery media development from traditional and non-traditional organic waste feedstocks
  • degradation of resistant proteins in composts

Dr. Qamar Zaman

Dr. Zaman is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Agriculture and Precision Agriculture Research Chair. His specialties include precision agriculture, sensor development, instrumentation, machine vision, image processing, automation, variable rate technologies and GPS/GIS (global positioning systems and geographical information systems).

Dr. Zaman initiated the Precision Agriculture Research program at the Faculty of Agriculture to develop variable rate technologies for wild blueberries. These technologies will allow corrective agricultural practices on an as-needed basis to maximize profitability, minimize environmental impacts and ultimately lead to a more sustainable industry.

Some of Dr. Zaman's current research projects include the following:

  • an automated variable rate sprayer for spot-application of pesticides and fertilizer, respectively
  • an automated yield monitoring system to estimate and map blueberry yields
  • an automated slope sensing system for slope mapping to delineate management zones for variable rate fertilization
  • automated machine vision systems to map bare spots and vegetation for spot-application of agrochemicals
  • site-specific technologies using electromagnetic induction methods (characterization and quantification of soil variability)