OSC Subproject F: Fruit Crops

High value fruit production

High-quality fresh fruits are among the pinnacle of organic consumption. Unfortunately, the small scale and seasonally constrained production in Canada has limited supply for meeting fresh market demand, international opportunities and commercial scale production for processing.

Insect pests, diseases, soil fertility and short growing seasons have constrained production. Again, integrated approaches are needed.

This project will include activities that explore novel technologies for season extension and pest control, and integrated crop management to optimize stand establishment and productivity. Target crops include apples, wild blueberry, black currant and possibly haskap, strawberry and raspberries.  

The activities that make up this subproject are:

  • Activity F.1: Organic management of black currant during early establishment and production for an export market
  • Activity F.2: Weed management for organic wild blueberry production
  • Activity F.3: Ecologically sound soil management in perennial fruit plantings
  • Activity F.4: Innovative herbicide and fungicide replacement strategies for organic apple production
  • Activity F.6: Organic production of strawberries and raspberries under tunnels
  • Activity F.7: Control of Rosy Apple Aphid (RAA) in organic apple orchards