Nutrient management for Saskatchewan organic cropping systems

J. D. Knight


Many challenges associated with growing organic crops on the Canadian prairies are unique to the region. Climatic extremes limit the length of the growing season for crops as well as crop diversity options. Furthermore, drought is frequently more limiting to crop growth than are nutrients. Further challenges arise because the majority of farms are stockless. Even farms that have livestock tend not to have enough animals to replenish nutrients farm-wide. Farms without sufficient animal stocks cannot economically rely on manure for nutrient additions. Research addressing alterative nutrient sources for organic production will be discussed in the context of organic dry-land agriculture in Saskatchewan.


Proceedings of the Plant Canada Conference. Saint Mary's University, Halifax, NS. July 17-21, 2011

Author Location and Affiliation

Department of Soil Science, University of Saskatchewan, 51 Campus Drive, Saskatoon, SK.

Posted May 2013