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Canadian Organic Research Needs and Priorities Assessment Process 2016‑2017

Download the Research Needs and Priorities Assessment Process Template

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Prioritizing research for the evolution of organic agriculture

To provide context and background to the 2016-2017 Canadian Organic Research Needs and Assessment Process, OACC's Director, Dr. Andy Hammermeister, discusses the future of organic agriculture and the importance of identifying research needs and priorities.

Instructions for the 2016-17 Canadian Research Needs and Priorities Assessment Process

This video provides an overview and instructions for the 2016-17 Canadian Organic Research Needs and Priorities Assessment Process. We invite stakeholders from across the Canadian organic sector to participate in this process.


About the research needs and priorities assessment process

A clear list of research priorities is needed to guide provincial and national funding initiatives and inform researchers as to where they should direct their efforts. The Research Needs Task Force of the Organic Value Chain Roundtable is leading this initiative; data is being collected and summarized by the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada, Dalhousie University.

This process is important!

There are many research needs, but only limited funds. This process will identify where research funding should be directed and how the sector approaches funding sources. The results of this process may be used to:

  1. Target research activities for a national research program, the Organic Science Cluster
  2. Identify provincial or regional research priorities
  3. Identify research priorities for special interest or commodity groups
  4. Identify research needs within a business 

Who should carry out this assessment?

All stakeholders within the organic sector in Canada are invited to participate in this process.  Since the goal is to set priorities, provincial/regional organizations or commodity groups are encouraged to coordinate efforts within their groups.

While individuals are encouraged to consider their own research needs, the process of prioritizing research is most effective when working in groups with a similar field of interest/work (e.g. apple growers in BC, grain processors in ON). This provides opportunities for in-depth discussions and considerations before prioritizing future research directions.

The information that you provide will be compiled anonymously with entries from groups and individuals across the country. Maintaining a consistent format through the use of this document will allow results from various sectors of organic agriculture from across Canada to be compiled. 

Submit your priorities by February 28, 2017.

Completed forms can be emailed to joanna.white@dal.ca or mailed to:

Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada
ATTN: Joanna White
Dalhousie University
Faculty of Agriculture
PO Box 550
Truro, NS  B2N 5E3

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