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Artificial Intelligence is Changing Feed Use and Formulation

Posted by Stephanie Rogers on June 5, 2024 in News

Insights from a recent article in Asian Feed Magazine highlight some groundbreaking advancements in the farm animals feed sector, setting new standards for efficiency and sustainability in the industry. Professor Suresh Neethirajan of the Department of Animal Science and Aquaculture shares insights and discusses these innovative developments.

One of the key technologies driving this transformation is Digital Twin Technology. By creating virtual replicas of physical systems, it is now possible to monitor and optimize processes in real-time. This capability significantly reduces downtime and increases efficiency in feed production. Additionally, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being leveraged to analyze extensive datasets, allowing for optimized feed formulations and enhanced livestock health and productivity. This represents a significant leap forward for the feed industry.

Moreover, the integration of Big Data Analytics enables comprehensive data gathering and interpretation across all stages of feed production. This holistic view allows for better decision-making and identification of trends to improve feed quality and sustainability.

These innovations not only push the boundaries of what's possible in feed production but also pave the way for a more sustainable and efficient future.

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