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Friday Brightspace Tips: Using Panopto for Student Video Assignments

Posted by stephanie rogers on November 20, 2020 in News

Student presentations in a face-to-face class are both common and important assessments. While it’s true that this type of assessment will require some creativity and stretching outside of one’s comfort zone (instructor and student alike), it is by no means impossible to do successfully in the online environment. Further, encouraging students to communicate with video is a skill that many will benefit from in their present and post-university lives.

To avoid relying on synchronous delivery of student presentations, opt for a recorded presentation. The presentation can be created and recorded in a number of ways, that can each result in a video file that students can upload to a designated folder in Panopto.

Our latest blog post outlines the steps to create a Panopto Video Assignment folder (, or get in touch with ETD for one-on-one help (