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Early Release of NVivo Pro Qualitative Data Analysis Software

Posted by stephanie rogers on February 18, 2020 in News

With support from a Strategic Initiatives proposal approved by the Provost’s Committee, Dalhousie has purchased a 4000-user license for qualitative data analysis software called NVivo Pro. In order to provide immediate access to the software, the Academic Technology Services (ATS) team in the Dal Libraries is doing an early release for faculty only. Support for the software will not be available during this early release.

NVivo Pro has tools for analyzing all forms of unstructured data:

§  Work with text, audio, video, images, and spreadsheets

§  Use querying tools including matrix coding queries

§  Create project and concept maps to show associations in data

§  Capture social media content for analysis using NCapture

In the coming months, the Dalhousie Libraries will be doing a full release of NVivo Pro. During the full release, the software will become available to Dalhousie students and staff as well. For those NVivo users who currently hold a personal license, at that time you will be able to migrate your content to the institution’s license.

Faculty can now download NVivo Pro from the software download site. For more information about how to access this software, please contact

Thank you to the faculty members who brought the need for qualitative data analysis software to our attention, to the members of the Dalhousie Research Advisory Committee and others who supported the request for funding, and to the Provost’s Committee for supporting this initiative through the Strategic Initiatives Fund.