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Upcoming In‑Person Office Hours ‑ Human Rights & Equity Services

Posted by Stephanie Rogers on June 11, 2019 in News
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Book your appointment now

Human Rights & Equity Services provides confidential advisory and support services to members of the Dalhousie Community on issues related to Human Rights, Personal Harassment, Conflict Management and Sexualized Violence.

For more information on our services visit:

To book an Appointment:

Advisor Availability:

  • Upcoming dates for In-Person office hours on the AC can be found on the HRES Contact Us Page:

  • Advisors are also available by email, telephone and skype and will increase in-person hours as needed.

Look forward to seeing you around campus! Thank you for helping to spread the word!

Nicole McKeever
Advisor, Personal Harassment/Conflict
Human Rights & Equity Services

Dalhousie University

902-494-1305 /