Supporting Parents of LGBTQ2+ Kids (by Pride at Work)

Employees of Pride at Work Canada’s Proud Partner & Community Partner network are welcome to attend this facilitated conversation about parenting LGBTQ2+ kids, being a LGBTQ2+ parent, and creating safer, innovative, and more imaginative work spaces to support diverse families. Carmel Farahbakhsh is the Executive Director of the Youth Project, a Nova Scotian non-profit organization with the mission to build spaces for LGBTQ2+ youth to feel valued, celebrated, and cared for provincially, will be joined by a very special family to discuss current realities and dream luminous futures for LGBTQ2+ families locally. Kym Sweeney will be joined by her child Elliott in a conversation about their shared experiences and contrasting experiences in navigating school, work, and chosen family/community.


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