Becoming More Stress Resilient

Everyone experiences stress.  We can't, and shouldn't, eliminate it completely, but we can learn practical, specific ways to reduce that "over-stressed" feeling and protect ourselves from its negative effects. 

Participants will:

    examine the effects of stress on their work and personal lives and discover their role in how they react to these stressors;

    reflect on the importance of having greater perspective in their thinking and in their lives; and

    develop an individualized plan for coping with their stress and stressors.

Stress doesn't happen to us; it is a mind game, of sorts.  We interpret events as they occur and it is those interpretations that cause us to experience excess stress.

Attending to what one can control and monitoring self-statements can go far in reducing worry. To aid in this endeavor, developing a series of stress relievers can be most beneficial. What works will vary between individuals and each must decide for themselves which fits the situation and their personality.





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