Communication Clarity: Assessing the situation and understanding your needs

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Clarity: Assessing the Situation and Understanding Your Needs is one session in a series of communication topics.

Series: The 3C’s of Communication: Keys to Boosting Your Effectiveness

    Clarity: Assessing the Situation and Understanding Your Needs

    Confidence: Effectively Speaking Up at Work

    Competence: Approaches to Challenging Conversations

While the three sessions build somewhat from the previous ones, individuals are not required to register for all three. 

In this session we will explore efforts to better understand the problem and its impact to help set up better communication to resolve challenging situations. Participants will use reflective tools and problem-solving techniques to gain perspective and chart a course forward.


    Understand the range of issues in a situation

    Assess individual impacts and unmet needs


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his training will support the development of the Dalhousie Core Competencies  of Communication and Knowledge and Thinking Skills.

Our Presenter: From Janice MacInnis’ early days at Dal as a shy quiet secretary in the President’s Office, her career has shifted dramatically to her current role of Manager of Organizational Health in Human Resources. She has dedicated herself to self-improvement and readily shares her learnings and failures with others. She is known for her personal, caring approach, which allows people to sense that she genuinely wants the best for everyone. Come hear from the shy secretary who alternated between creeping and leaping into the work that fulfills her.

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