Sustainability in the Egg Industry

Dr. Nathan Pelletier, Research Chair in Sustainability with Egg Farmers of Canada and assistant professor at the University of British Colombia, will hosting a presentation at Dal AC on Tuesday, March 6. Dr. Pelletier will be speaking on the environmental footprint in the egg industry and new information on sustainability management interventions and decision-making criteria.



Special Events




The presentation will take place in Room 112 in the Haley Institute of Animal Science and Aquaculture.



Additional Information

Dr. Pelletier has collaborated with Egg Farmers of Canada since 2016 as their Research Chair in Sustainability, exploring opportunities to improve resource efficiencies and reduce the environmental impact of egg supply chains. He was recently awarded a prestigious Industrial Research Chair by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) which will advance his research activities focused on sustainability measurement and management, life-cycle thinking and resource efficiency, with a focus on the Canadian egg industry.


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