The Netherlands & France

Explore, study and experience the European agriculture and food industry

The Faculty of Agriculture has partnered with the Université Laval in Quebec, Dronten University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands and École supérieure d’agriculture d’Angers in France.

This international partnership provides third or fourth year agriculture or food science students from the European Union and Canada incredible opportunities to develop a better understanding of responsible entrepreneurship in an international setting. 

Starting in Quebec you will get to work on joint projects with students from other countries. You will conclude with presentations at a closing meeting in Brussels, Belgium

All of the courses you study will be recognized by your degree program and when you are done you will receive a Certificate in Responsible International Entrepreneurship



The Government of Canada funds this program through Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

Other contributions

  • Dalhousie University, Faculty of Agriculture, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Université Laval, Quebec, Canada 
  • Dronten University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands
  • École supérieure d’agriculture d’Angers, France


Diane Dunlop

Project Director
(902) 893.6307

Nancy Thornton

(902) 893-6726