South America


Zamarano University - 2005

The Faculty of Agriculture partnered with Zamarano University in Honduras and HMJ-Lewis Consulting in Halifax, to conduct a study to identify the potential demand for a Food Technology Centre. The project also developed an action plan for the establishment and operation of a centre.


Technical Agri-Education with the College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE) - 1994-2004

Through the Technical Agri-Education project, Faculty of Agriculture personnel worked with CASE to develop a Bachelor of Technology degree in Agricultural Food Systems, the first undergraduate degree program to be offered in the country. The Faculty of Agriculture and CASE offer this program jointly.

Jamaican Youth Initiative - 1991

This initiative involved the exchange of eight young agriculturalists from Nova Scotia and Jamaica in cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture, the NS Federation of Agriculture, College of Agriculture in Jamaica (now CASE), and the Jamaica Agricultural Society.

College of Agriculture (now CASE) - 1989-1992

This project provided training for Jamaican staff at the Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus and short-term technical assistance by Faculty of Agriculture personnel in Jamaica.

Jamaican Agricultural Society - 1986-1989

This project assisted in developing agricultural extension activities in Jamaica though the Jamaican Agricultural Extension Society.


Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander (UFPS) - 1997-2002

This project developed new programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in Sustainable Agriculture.

Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander (UFPS) - 1988-1995

Two consecutive projects involved staff development and program enhancements at the university’s School of Agricultural Technology in Cucuta. The second project emphasized the development of a demonstration farm and biology laboratory improvements.

Rural Development in Colombia - 1983-1987

This project developed community demonstration and extension centres for FUNDAEC, a foundation for the application and teaching of science.


Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Parana (PUCPR) - 2000

The Faculty of Agriculture designed and assisted with the implementation a Farm Management Information System for the university farm. 

Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Parana (PUCPR) - 1997

The Faculty of Agriculture developed a Global Farm Plan to aid in the university’s development of a new agricultural program.

Universidade Federal De Santa Catarina - 1989

Collaborative research and teaching at this university led to a series of joint professional and training activities for a number of years, including workshops on international trade to EMATER (State Department of Agriculture).