Education for Employment – 2010-2013

The Faculty of Agriculture partners with Education for Employment (EFE) projects to help reduce poverty in Tanzania. Education plays an essential role in strengthening Tanzania’s ability to address agricultural productivity. By partnering with local Vocational Training Centres(VTC’) we assist in providing quality education where it’s most needed.


Agricultural Sustainability - 2005-2010

The Agricultural Sustainability project provides training for JUCAVM staff in effective pedagogy, community needs assessment, sustainable agricultural systems and curriculum development for community-based training. The project also helps with upgrading support services such as the library and demonstration laboratories.


Developing Rural Entrepreneurs - 2004-2010

The Developing Rural Entrepreneurs (DRE) project developed entrepreneurship-training programs through cooperation between a number of non-governmental and educational institutions in northern Ghana. These programs will address the needs of existing and potential entrepreneurs and promote economic activity and opportunity for women, men and youth in the region.

Agri-Entrepreneurship Training - 1997-2002

Focusing mainly on women in the northern region of Ghana, this project was developed to increase the entrepreneurial concepts and skills to groups and individuals working in the agri-food sector.

Saint Andrew's College - 1992-1995

This project provided staff development for Saint Andrew’s faculty at the Dalhouse Faculty of Agriculture as well as technical assistance in Ghana.

The Gambia

Capacity Building for Higher Education - 1997-2002 

The Faculty of Agriculture partnered with St. Mary’s University to help The Gambia develop its first university. The project provided assistance in strengthening Gambian higher education governance structures, policy formulations and planning mechanisms along with its administrative and management systems. 

Constructive Internationalism - 1991

This project consisted of a ten-week work and study program arranged for five Faculty of Agriculture students at Gambia College. The program covered tropical agriculture, cross cultural communications and development issues.


Gambia College Development Program – 1984-1995

This linkage with the Gambia College School of Agriculture provided training, program enhancement and campus development and was supported by CIDA through three consecutive projects over ten years.