ATTSVE (Ethiopia) Internships

Spend a fun-filled summer in Ethiopia, exploring the beautiful landscape and contributing to Dalhousie's agricultural and educational projects, while gaining valuable career related experience (which looks great on your resume!)

2018 Library Internship:

The Details:
▪ Summer 2018, placement 2-3 months; placed at MacRae Library in Truro May 2018, travel to Ethiopia June & July 2018
▪ Based out of Addis Ababa (capital of Ethiopia) and four Agricultural Colleges
▪ Grant, to cover: accommodation, food and living allowance, placement related transport and vaccinations
▪ Paid as summer studetn for time at MacRae Library
▪ Possibility for course credit for participation (to be confirmed)

▪ Enrolled in the Mastr of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) program at Dalhousie
▪ Be returning to Dalhousie for at least one term following the internship
▪ Be in good academic (cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above) & financial standing with Dalhousie

Desirable Skills or Capacities include:
▪ Adaptability to new work and living environments
▪ Excellent written and verbal communication skills
▪ Inter-cultural communication skills (i.e., interacting with people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds)
▪ Strong ability to work independently and to initiate and pursue projects independently
▪ Strong ability to work as a member of a team

Placement Details:
The ATTSVE Project is looking for 1 MLIS student to go to Etiopia to provide support to ATVET library college staff in the following areas
▪ loan process
▪ basic cataloging
▪ arrangemnt of items in library/multipurpose space
▪ development of policies for use of resources
▪ instruction in the use of TEEAL and other available electonic resources

There are also opportunities for students to receive a grant to complete their RESM/Honours project research in Ethiopia during summer 2018.

Download an applciation form

For more information contact:

ATTSVE Project Coordinator Hannah Pugh 902-896-4460