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Modern Beekeeper Module 3

3P's of Bees: Propagation, Pollination and Products

Next offered Saturday and Sunday, June 23 & 24, 2018 (Bible Hill, NS)

This two day module is filled with hands-on activities that will take students into the bee yard to make splits, learn how to fence and successfully rear queens!

Topics covered:

  • Bee Production and Hive Products
  • Making Splits and Fencing Bee Yards
  • Blueberry Pollination
  • Queen Rearing

Propagating Queens

The queen bee! At the end of this module, you will know the steps involved with the Doolittle Method. You will learn how to establish and maintain cell starter and finisher colonies. You will see how to select and graft larvae of suitable age into a queen cup including harvesting cells and safely move them to mating nucs. The end goal is to be familiar with what is involved with rearing queens.

Multiplying Colonies

Students gain hands-on experience multiplying colonies through successful splitting. You will assess colony strength and determine suitability for splitting. Following assessment, you will learn how to provision each split with the correct amount of bees and frames of brood, pollen and honey to maximize subsequent honey yield. We will look at banking, transporting and handling queens prior to colony introduction and installing queens to maximize their successful acceptance.

Improving Production

Money honey? Within this topic area, we will look at managing colonies for honey production including knowing how and when to super colonies, efficiently removing the bees from the combs at harvest, preparing supers for extraction and for their return to colonies and extracting the honey and wax. We will look at making profit through collection of alternative hive products including pollen and propolis. Additional topics include producing nucleus colonies (nucs) as a way to increase colony numbers and preparing colonies for blueberry pollination and profitably meeting grower requirements.


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