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Modern Beekeeper Module 2

Bee Hive and Health

Saturday and Sunday May 5 and 6, 2018 (Bible Hill, NS)

This module is filled with critical information on maintaining hive health, pest identification and management. You will learn how to safely open and evaluate a hive in the bee yard.

Topics covered:

Pest Identification and Management

  • Bee Diseases and Parasites
  • IPM and Management without Pesticides
  • Preparing for Pollination
  • Hive Evaluation

Hive Health

What does a disease look like and how do you control a mite problem? At the end of this module, you will have the answers these important questions and others. You will be able to identify symptoms of all the major bee diseases and estimate mite parasite levels in colonies. You will learn how to control bee disease and mites with or without antibiotics and acaricides and minimize the risks of contaminating hive products with the use of these products in colony treatments.

Hive Evaluation

Through a combination of classroom activities and hands-on practicum in the bee yard, you will be able to apply basic hive handling skills in order to open a colony safely and without disturbing the bees. You will be identifying the different castes of bees on comb, as well as identifying major problems, such as queenlessness. You will assess a colony's strength in order to determine if it will meet a minimum pollination grade which is important to any successful operation.


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