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Our specialty is capturing opportunities and building relationships to offer extended learning programs in agriculture. We deliver credit and non-credit certificate programs, short courses and workshops in formats that work for you. Our courses are available through distance education, at various training locations or right here on campus.

Pesticide Applicator Certification - Online (Spring 2020)

This course has been created to support independent study of the pesticide manuals provided by the Department of Environment, for those who are in need of a valid Nova Scotia pesticide applicator certificate for 2020. This is a fully online course that you may complete at your own speed. To help ease the burden of COVID-19 on industry, registration for this course will be offered for free through to the end of June 2020.  

Online - available until June 30, 2020

Cannabis Production & Management

Cannabis Production and Management is a fully online, non-credit course that provides advanced knowledge and selected skillsets for mid to upper-level production jobs in commercial growing facilities. Students cover critical aspects of the cannabis industry, cannabis products, workplace requirements, crop management, quality control/quality assurance, harvesting, processing, and waste management. Specific applications to cannabis facilities and workplaces are a major focus of the course.

Online - June 1 - August 31, 2020

Positive Animal Training: The Science of Applied Animal Behaviour

This 12 week, ONLINE course, provides a one-on-one approach to help each student develop the necessary skills to train animals using positive reinforcement. This course offers a collaborative learning approach with students working through, lesson by lesson, at the same pace. As a student, you will be applying theory and scientific research to practice by documenting weekly progress through record keeping and videos. This course will help you become skilled at identifying wanted behaviours, goal setting, planning, training and understanding your animal.

Online- September 7 - November 30, 2020

Master Gardener Training Program

Get together with other gardeners who share a passion for horticulture and are dedicated to learning and growing their knowledge to share with their community.  The Master Gardener training program caters to participants who have a passion for gardening, wanting to expand their knowledge in the horticulture field, or wanting to become a Master Gardener!  

Alberta Master Gardener Training Program

Ontario Master Gardener Training Program

Atlantic Master Gardener Training Program 


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