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Our specialty is capturing opportunities and building relationships to offer extended learning programs in agriculture. We deliver credit and non-credit certificate programs, short courses and workshops in formats that work for you. Our courses are available through distance education, at various training locations or right here on campus.

Commerical Queen Bee Production

This course will provide the experienced beekeeper with various techniques to produce honey bee queens for their own use and to sell to others in the industry. This introduction will include discussions of honey bee genetics and development of a breeding program to meet individual objectives, as well as demonstrating the techniques and equipment required to produce healthy, productive queen bees.

Truro- In Class- June 26 - 27, 2019

Modern Beekeeper

This two day module is filled with hands-on activities that will take students into the bee yard to make splits, learn how to fence and successfully rear queens. 

Truro- In class- Module 3: 3 P's of Bees,  June 29-30, 2019

Tractor Safety 

If you operate a tractor and farm machinery you know that safety is important. This course is designed to increase awareness and test competency of  tractor operatorswith regards to safe operation and use of farm tractors and implements. 

Truro- In-class- May 25-26, 2019

Master Gardener Summer School 

Summer School is a 5 day course that allows students the opportunity for hands on activities and to meet the instructor from the Master Gardener certificate! Students who wish to become Atlantic Master Gardeners, this course is a requirement for the certificate. 

Truro- In class - July 8-12, 2019

Summer Credit Courses

Summer credit courses take place on the Agricultural Campus in Truro, NS.  A listing of the offerings are found below. Dalhousie students register through Dal Online. Non-Dalhousie students can register be contacting

Truro- In class- Various dates

Summer Preparatory Online Courses

If you are a current Dalhousie student or have applied to Dalhousie, you can register for these courses through Dal Online.  If you are not a Dalhousie student, please contact or 902-893-6666 to register.

Online- July 4- August 30, 2019

Certificate in Technology Education

If you are a teacher of technology presently working in Nova Scotia, you can upgrade and diversify the technology background with the Certificate in Technology Education. Explore a variety of hands-on experiences and teaching methodologies that strengthen traditional skills and introduce new technologies to better meet the demand for qualified technology educators for the public school system.

Truro- In class- next cohort to start September 2019 (enrolment dependent)

Positive Animal Training: The Science of Applied Behaviour Analysis

This 12 week, online course, provides a one-on-one approach to help each student develop the necessary skills to train animals using positive reinforcement. This course offers a collaborative learning approach with students working through, lesson by lesson, at the same pace. As a student, you will be applying theory and scientific research to practice by documenting weekly progress through record keeping and videos. This course will help you become skilled at identifying wanted behaviours, goal setting, planning, training and understanding your animal.

Online- September 9-December 9, 2019

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