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Forum Resources

The links in this section provide background on some of the issues, challenges and opportunities in agriculture, food and health, as well as some of the lessons learned and suggestions for action from other initiatives and jurisdictions.

Participants are encouraged to read these to prepare themselves for the forum and for full engagement in the discussions.

Forum Presentations - Day 1


Opportunities & Challenges for Agriculture, Food and Health [PDF]
Dr. Leslie MacLaren, Professor, Dalhousie University

Health in Atlantic Canada: Issues & Directions [PDF]
Dr. Frank Atherton, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Health, Nova Scotia

Value-added Food Product Development: Science, Consumer and Industry Challenges [PDF]
Dr. Phillip Lee Wing, President, Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology

An Innovator's Perspective [PDF]
Gregg Curwin, TruLeaf Sustainable Agriculture Ltd.

Communications and Marketing Challenges of Connecting Agriculture, Food and Health in Today’s Cacophonic Hypermediatized Environment [PDF]
Dr. Jordan L. LeBel, Associate Professor, John-Molson School of Business, Concordia University, Montreal

Open Discussion: Ag & Food Systems Challenges & Opportunities for Health

Dr. Derek Lynch, Professor, Dalhousie University (Chair) [PDF]
Dr. Claude Caldwell, Professor, Dalhousie University [PDF]
Dr. Bruce Rathgeber, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada [PDF]
Mr. Eric Ritchie, Agriculture Manager, McCain Foods [PDF]
Dr. Jim Duston, Professor, Dalhousie University [PDF]

Open Discussion: Ag, Food and Health in the Future

Dr. Raj Prithiviraj, Professor, Dalhousie University (Chair) [PDF]
Dr. Vasantha Rupasinghe, Professor, Dalhousie University [PDF]

Forum Presentations - Day 2


Social Influences on Food Choices & Habits [PDF]
Dr.  Steve Dukeshire, Professor, Dalhousie University 

Nudge Innovation and Paths of Convergence for Agriculture, Food, Health and Wealth [PDF]
Dr. Laurette Dubé, Professor, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University

Our Journey to Healthy Food and What it Means for Agriculture [PDF]
Brian Rankine, Director, Managed Services, Capital Health

Open Discussion: Nutrition, Agriculture and Reality: Barriers and Intersections
Mr. Phil Ferrero, Institute for Bioregional Studies Ltd., PEI [PDF]