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What is Extended Learning?

Announcing the Reframing of the Faculty of Agriculture’s Adult Learning, Continuing and Distance Education into Extended Learning

Extended Learning extends knowledge, learning and practice for agriculture and for life.

Through Extended Learning, the Faculty of Agriculture increases the accessibility of research, learning and practice in our communities, the Atlantic Region and the world. Extended Learning engages leaders and learners in discoveries in agriculture, aquaculture, environment, food and well-being. Extended Learning supports the Faculty of Agriculture in enhancing our teaching and learning culture through campus collaborations, instructional innovations and communities of professional practice.

  • Extended Learning provides creative avenues to address pressing issues in contemporary rural, suburban and urban life.
  • By working together across the Faculty of Agriculture, we generate valuable synergy and increase avenues for knowledge transfer, mobilization and application.
  • Based in tested theory, experience, critical reflection and evaluation, our programs and products add value, promote excellence and inspire innovation.
  • On campus we link research-teaching-service to improve learning outcomes through enhanced professional practice and the creative use of chalk as well as hybrid and educational technologies, adult and self-directed learning.

What are your ideas for linking recent research findings with teaching and being of service to industry? Let us know how we can work together to improve agricultural and rural life in the Atlantic Region. We are eager to collaborate with all departments and anticipate connecting with you soon. For more information, please feel free to contact us at extended.learning@dal.ca.