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Sustainable Smart Farming

Also known as Precision Agriculture, sustainable smart farming helps farmers to make production systems more efficient to reduce cost of production. The implementation of practical smart agriculture technologies which will allow corrective cultural practices on an as-needed basis maximize farm profitability, minimize environmental impacts and ultimately led to a more sustainable industry.

With an overall goal to advance the sustainable development and adoption of smart precision agriculture technologies in Atlantic Canada, the focus will be on how to integrate these technologies into current production systems so proper management decisions can be made to improve crop productivity and reduce agrochemical use.  This workshop/seminar will facilitate the opportunity to create needed research collaborations for the Precision Agriculture Research Program at DAL-AC.  Collaborations with industry, academia and government personnel would play a pivotal role in the development of this sector in Atlantic Canada. Precision agriculture has the potential to make a significant difference to the viability of the agricultural sector, provide new economic opportunities, and provide food security to Atlantic Canada.

Precision Agriculture Research Program

The precision agriculture research program at Dalhousie Agricultural Campus, Dalhousie University (DAL-AC) led by Dr. Qamar Zaman integrates agrochemical, technological and ecological approaches to develop an innovative approach to site-specific crop management for high value crops. To date the wild blueberry, grape and wine industry, tree crops and potato industry has been heavily involved in this research program.  The program has been successful in attracting and retaining HQP at DAL-AC. All HQP work on the scientific principles and applications of variable rate technologies, and have the opportunity to interact with industry and government at various levels. The resources and capabilities of this research program have created a unique world-class program that does not exist elsewhere in eastern Canada. Dr. Zaman and his research group wish to develop further research collaborations with academia and industry (regional, national and international) to improve the financial resources available for infrastructure and technical support required to test smart farming technologies.