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What we offer


Through engaging programming, a collaborative workspace and access to mentors and entrepreneurial resources, Cultiv8 strives to be a place where ideas are explored, entrepreneurial skills are developed and opportunities are realized.


At Cultiv8 we focus on getting students engaged in entrepreneurship and thinking about the transferable skills entrepreneurship can give them. Through the multiple pitch competitions, which give students the opportunity to practice public speaking, Cultiv8 members learn how give clear and understandable presentations. We work with students on idea generation and thinking outside of the book to solve industry problems in new innovative ways. Our goal is to provide an informal and flexible program that provides many levels of engagement so people can choose how much they want to be involved.

Join in our weekly club meetings, attend a workshop, startup event, or just drop by to discuss your latest idea. Cultiv8 will also be in the classroom to provide guest lectures or lab content, where appropriate, in an effort to reach as many students as possible.

Check out The Cultiv8 Program Guide page for more information on our programs.

A collaborative workspace

Cultiv8 has a presence on both the Dalhousie Agriculture and Acadia campuses. Both campuses have space for meeting, learning and imagining! Check us out in Bible Hill in the MacRae Library on the first floor. On the Acadia campus, we share a space with launchbox, the Acadia sandbox, which resides within Innovation and Incubation Services, housed in Patterson Hall.

Access to resources

Nova Scotia is an area rich with resources and support systems for the motivated entrepreneur. Cultiv8 aims to link budding agricultural entrepreneurs to the vibrant ecosystem that is brewing in our region. We have strong connections to entrepreneurial support agencies, financial institutions, consultants and professional advisors so that you are supported as you move through the stages of idea generation.