How to get involved

For students

Cultiv8 programs, space and resources are open to all students of Dalhousie and Acadia who are interested in learning how to solve problems, develop ideas and create opportunities. Through Cultiv8, a world of resources in innovation and entrepreneurship will open for you.  Cultiv8 gives you access to mentors, external events, competitions and so much more.

For community

While Cultiv8’s programming is geared mainly for students, members of the community are welcome to attend workshops, Start-Up Weekend and guest lectures. By providing opportunities for students to interact and work with members of the agricultural industry, Cultiv8 aspires to be a place where ideas grow and industry solutions and opportunities develop.

For industry and business

Sandboxes are about sharing ideas and leveraging talents. We need everyone to make this work and welcome input and energy from our agricultural industry and local business community.

Below is a list of possible ways to get involved but we welcome any new ideas or suggestions that improve our program and the student experience.

•    Throw a problem in for exploration
•    Mentor a budding entrepreneur
•    Judge a competition
•    Sponsor an event or a business project

Contact us today for more information on how you can get in on the fun!