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So, what exactly is a sandbox?  

What did we do as children in a sandbox? Explore. Design. Play.

That is what Cultiv8 is all about.

Taken from the world of information and technology, a sandbox is “an online environment in which code or content changes can be tested without affecting the original system.” Translate that into a physical environment and you have a space where big ideas can be tested without much risk.

Consider it a laboratory for those who are still dedicated to their studies, but love to problem solve and develop innovative ideas. It's also a place for budding entrepreneurs who may already have an idea but are looking for support in order for it to develop. It's a networking and support system where brainstorming is encouraged and failure is an option.

By collaborating with industry on tackling real problems, students are taught the methodologies to problem solving and idea generation that encourage them to concentrate on customer needs and the importance of integrating feedback.

In agriculture, to cultivate is “to promote or improve the growth of (a plant, crop, etc.) by labour and attention.” We believe innovation and entrepreneurship should be tackled in the same way! Through educational programming, problem solving projects and facilitated networking, we are aiming to Cultiv8 the following for the agricultural industry in Nova Scotia and beyond:

1.    A remarkable student experience
2.    Tomorrow’s industry leaders
3.    Campus entrepreneurial spirit
4.    Strategic relationships                          
5.    A culture of innovation
6.    A regional entrepreneurial ecosystem
7.    Viable business opportunities
8.    Success