Case 2: Vaccine Safety


Janice Graham

Case 2 aims to follow the implementation of global vaccine safety standards, and especially their uptake in low income (developing) countries. This case gives special attention to the Meningitis A vaccination campaign in sub Saharan Africa with a focus on Burkina Faso, the site of the vaccine’s first national implementation, and the engagements in North-South knowledge translation of health standards. This medical anthropology case study will identify the types of expertise and knowledge exchanged and communicated between the international, national and local actors with regards to adverse events following immunization (AEFI) standards.  Longitudinal anthropological research is built on relationships of trust and collaboration over many years. To that end, Dr. Graham (PI) has been engaged in ongoing conversations and relationships for several years with many of the key actors associated with the African meningitis vaccine initiative.  She already has unparalleled access to officials involved in the rollout, who will be facilitating her further research relationships that develop through this baseline fieldwork project.

Meningitis Vaccine Roll-Out in Burkina Faso