The InteRACT program is the second oldest intensive aphasia therapy program in North America. When we designed the program in 2001, it was developed on a foundation of clinical research in neuroplasticity – with a model that incorporates both Impairment–based and Consequence–based treatment. In simple terms, Impairment-based therapy targets the specific speech and language challenges that someone has as a result of their aphasia or apraxia.

Through evidence-based therapies, we do drill and direct therapy to target speaking, listening, reading and writing. This type of therapy is what some would call “traditional therapy”. And from research in neuroplasticity, we know that the more intensively you do something, the better it becomes.

In addition, we also focus on the Consequences of aphasia. How you communicate NOW – so that you are able to participate in activities and participate in LIFE!  We believe in the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia. We want to ensure that when you complete an InteRACT program that you have the tools to return to activities that you once enjoyed – with whatever supports may be required. Aphasia CAN be isolating. Our goal is to reduce that isolation and to help individuals with aphasia return to fulfilling, communicative lives.

InteRACT is intense!

It is a 4.5 week treatment program providing therapy five days a week. Enrollment is limited in each session to ensure comprehensive, individualized attention for each participant.

InteRACT provides over 100 hours of speech and language therapy including:

In addition, clients receive:

InteRACT is tailored to tackle your aphasia.

We do not take a cookie-cutter approach to your rehabilitation. Instead, we focus on your communication challenges and your interests. Then we identify strategies to help you and your communication partner and tailor a program to help you achieve these goals.

InteRACT clients are adults after stroke or traumatic brain injury, with all types of aphasia and often with apraxia, at all levels of impairment, and at every age. Adults with chronic aphasia - many years post-onset - can benefit from the kind of intensive therapy that InteRACT provides. View more regarding Candidacy.

The program tailoring is what clients like most about InteRACT. It's hard work, but it's also rewarding and fun for both the client and the communication partner who accompanies them.