Research Assistants

GAHPS is pleased to showcase our research assistants. Each one brings unique skills and abilities to ensure we are doing all that we can to move toward health equity.

Chris Aucoin

Chris is an educator, writer and graphic designer with a diverse background in community-based work in cultural industries, social justice (human rights, poverty, and food security), and health promotion. He has an MEd in Educational Psychology, a diploma in Graphic and Digital Media Design, and has been involved in LGBTQ and/or HIV/AIDS community-based work in Nova Scotia off and on for over 20 years as an organizer, activist, lobbyist, educator, writer, graphic designer, and amateur historian. For the past seven years he has worked part-time as the Gay Men’s Health Coordinator with the AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia while also doing freelance work in project management, research, writing and graphic design.

Emily Colpitts

Emily is a recent graduate of the MA program in International Development Studies at Dalhousie University and holds an Honours BSocSc from the University of Ottawa in International Development with a minor in Women’s Studies. Her research interests include gender equity, gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive rights and critical studies on men and masculinities. Emily’s Master’s research explored efforts to engage men and boys in preventing violence against women and girls in the South Africa context. She has also interned as a researcher at the Gender, Health and Justice Research Unit at the University of Cape Town and co-authored a fact-sheet on violence against women in Canada for the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women. To date, Emily’s work at the GAHPS Unit has included the GLBTIQ Pathways to Health and Reducing Stigma, Promoting Resilience projects.

Brian Condran

Brian Condran is a second-year Master’s candidate studying Health Promotion at Dalhousie University. To date, Brian’s research has focused on HIV/STI prevention through screening, the analysis of policies that govern HIV/STI screening, gender as a social determinant of health, and the use of knowledge translation and interprofessional student education as tools in the pursuit of health equity within Canada. Brian is a life-long resident of the Halifax Regional Municipality, and holds positions on the Board of Directors for the Public Health Association of Nova Scotia (PHANS) and the Health Promotion Clearinghouse.

Kirk Furlotte

Kirk is a recent graduate of the Health Promotion program at Dalhousie and has an advanced diploma in public relations from the Nova Scotia Community College. He completed an honours thesis studying young men's help-seeking behaviour in relation to sexual health. Kirk has been active in a number of Halifax-based community groups such as the Halifax Sexual Health Centre and the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project. His research interests focus on the influence of sexual orientation and its interaction with social determinants of health in the GLBTIQ population. Kirk also takes interest in men's health, health literacy and the use of social media in health research.

Renée LeBlanc

Renée is a first-year Master’s candidate studying Health Promotion at Dalhousie University and a recent graduate of the undergraduate Health Promotion BSc degree at Dalhousie. Her research interests include health equity, housing and homelessness, adolescent pregnancy, health policy and determinants of health. Her current Master’s research looks at how current housing and social policies impact young mothers’ access to housing in a rural Nova Scotian community.
Renée will be working on Our Youth, Our Response.

Nolan Pike

Nolan works as a community educator at the Youth Project in Halifax providing workshops to schools across the province around LGBTQ* issues, as well as professional development to people working with youth. Most recently, he has been working on a committee with the Nova Scotia Department of Education to create guidelines for supporting transgender students and staff. Nolan is presently working on an honours thesis in English at Mount Saint Vincent University exploring intersections within queer theory and various philosophies on metaphor. He is excited to be involved with the Reducing Stigma, Promoting Resilience project with the GAHPS Unit.

Evelyn C. White

Evelyn is a widely published author/journalist of such works as Alice Walker: A Life and Every Goodbye Ain't Gone: A Photonarrative of Black Heritage on Salt Spring Island. She is a graduate of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism where she was honoured for her Master's thesis on "The Racial Development of Blind Black Children." She also holds degrees from Harvard University and Wellesley College. Evelyn recently completed an appointment as Visiting Writer at the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice at the University of British Columbia.  As a volunteer reader for Halifax-based Accessible Media, Inc., she delivers online and radio news broadcasts for blind, visually impaired, deaf, hearing impaired, and literacy-challenged Canadians.


Alexandra Hill-Mann – Research Manager (2012-2013)

Alexandra is a graduate of the Master of Health Administration program at Dal, and completed her BA in Sociology at McGill University. In the past she has done policy work for Alberta Health Services EMS, completed an administrative residency at St. Mary’s Hospital Centre in Montreal, and has enjoyed becoming involved with Community Health Centres at the local and national levels. Her academic interests include multiculturalism and diversity, social determinants of health, and LGBTQ health issues.

Caila Aube

Caila is a graduate of the Master of Health Promotion program at Dalhousie University, and completed a Graduate Certificate in Program Evaluation from the University of Ottawa and a BA in Psychology from Guelph University. In the past she has participated in a variety of health promotion, community, and social justice programs and activities with youth, linguistic minorities and aboriginal populations. Her academic and professional interests include issues of health equity, access and availability of health services as well as health policy.
She is enthusiastic to be working with the Gender and Health Promotion Unit in knowledge translation and exchange for the STIRN research project.

Jeff Wilson

Jeff is a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) student at the Dalhousie School of Social Work. He is completing his mandatory BSW work placement with GAHPS to acquire experience and knowledge conducting and disseminating research to inform policy; specifically health policy. His interests include HIV research and policy both locally, nationally and internationally. 

Kelly Adamson

Kelly is a current graduate student at Dalhousie working towards an MA in Health Promotion. Kelly's research interests include marginalized populations, youth, harm reduction, HIV/HCV prevention, and qualitative research. Her current Masters research looks at how youth who use injection drugs practice and understand safer and/or unsafe injection practices. Kelly completed a Bachelors of Health Science at the University of Western Ontario before coming to Dalhousie.


Antoinette Davis

Antoinette obtained her MA in International Development Studies from Saint Mary’s University. She has worked on HIV and AIDS projects in Botswana, South Africa, Canada and the United States and has assisted with the GAHPS Unit’s Parent-Child Communication on Sexual Health and HIV project. Current research interests include most-at-risk populations in sub-Saharan Africa, sexual health communication and church-based interventions.

Justin Dubreuil

Justin is a recent undergraduate of the International Development Studies program at Dalhousie. He is pursuing his Bachelor of Social Work this fall at Dalhousie, as his passion has been working with children and youth in different capacities for the past decade. During his program his focus had been on International human rights, and rights of the child specifically looking at creation of and access to education and health services. He is thrilled to be involved with the "Reducing Stigma, Promoting Resilience: Population Health Interventions for LGBTQ Youth" project with the GAHPS Unit.

Pamela Hudson

Pam is a graduate student working toward a her MA in health promotion at Dalhousie University. She became involved with the "Our Youth, Our Response" project because she is studying youth Health Promotion and HIV/HCV prevention, making this project a perfect fit for her interests. Her current master's research is looking at the determinants of HIV and Hepatitis C risk and prevention among Aboriginal youth living in Prince Edward Island.