Multiple Mini‑Interviews (MMIs)

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Journal Articles of Potential Interest to Applicants as well as to Evaluators

Select Journal Articles


  • Eva KW, Reiter HI, Trinh K et al. Predictive validity of the multiple mini-interview for selecting medical trainees. Med Educ. 2009 Aug;43(8):767-75.
    • The authors found that the relationship betwen people who did well in MMIs and their post-graduate national high states clinical skills exam was significant and it cast further doubt on the ability of the traditional (trait-based) interview to predict performance.


  • Razack S, Faremo S, Drolet F et al. Multiple mini-interviews versus traditional interviews: stakeholder acceptability comparison. Med Educ. 2009 Oct;43(10):993-1000.
    • The authors had applicants undergo both an MMI and a traditional interview and found that the MMI allowed them to be more competitive, it was more enjoyable and it was the applicants' favourite part of the interview process. In addition, the evaluators preferred it to the traditional interview style; it showed it was a promising technique.


  • Kumar K, Roberts C, Rothnie I et al. Experiences of the multiple mini-interview: a qualitative analysis. Med Educ. 2009 Apr;43(4):360-7.
    • The authors studied trends between what applicants reported post-interview with regards to their understanding of the MMI process, for example, their opinion on a one-to-one interview, attributes assessed, attributes that should be assessed, etc.









Published: 01 Jun 2015

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