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New Program

Definition of New Graduate Programs

Approval by Senate is required, following a recommendation from SAPRC. New programs would include:

  • New degrees and diplomas;
  • Any program modification or program termination deemed by SAPRC to warrant review by Senate;
  • A program which leads to an exit credential;
  • A program which is a type to be tracked as per the MPHEC decision

Approval Process Chart

All academic program submissions to the Faculty of Graduate Studies or Senate must be submitted under a Dean’s signature.  All program proposal files MUST be sent into each respective office as one PDF file.  Multiple individual files will NOT be accepted.


Please note that a mandatory early planning meeting is required for new program proposals. Contact senate@dal.ca to ensure your meeting is scheduled prior to completing any forms.

Concept Paper1 (Word
or PDF)
  1. Initiating Group
  2. Dean/P&VPA/ AD-FGS2
  3. Department/School
  4. Faculty Council
  5. Graduate Studies
    · FGS - APCC
    · FGS - Council
  6. SAPRC
Program Proposal2
  1. Initiating Group
  2. Dean/P&VPA/ AD-FGS3
  3. Department/School
  4. Faculty Council
  5. AACHHR (Health Professions/ Dentistry/Medicine)
  6. Internal Assement
  7. Reviews
    · Internal Review

    · External Review
      (including site visit)

  8. Graduate Studies
    · FGS - APCC
    · FGS - Council
  9. SAPRC
  10. Senate
  11. Board AA&R
  12. MPHEC
  13. Senate Update4


Faculty Deans must consult at an early stage with the Provost & Vice-President Academic on each concept paper and program proposal.

1 At the concept paper stage for all academic programs the Faculty Financial officer must be made aware of the submission.
2 Please consult with the Faculty Dean as each Faculty approval process may vary.
3 New program proposals indicate that a new tenure-track appointment will be required in order to deliver the program, the proposal must have a letter from the VPA indicating that this tenure-track appointment is/will be approved.
4 The Senate Academic Programs and Research Committee (SAPRC) would like to receive an update for all new and major modified programs, 2 years after the first students have been admitted to the new or modified program. This form will only be for information purposes.


Note on Health and Health-Related Programs

Submissions to AACHHR must be made under the signature of the Provost and Vice-President Academic. Please contact the Executive Director, Provost Office, 902-494-2591 or kim.thomson@dal.ca.

Program submissions of health and health-related program proposals to the MPHEC must be accompanied by a letter from the AACHHR, indicating their support of the proposed program. The MPHEC’s program assessment criteria differ from those of AACHHR; as a result, AACHHR support does not guarantee MPHEC approval.

More information about AACHHR information requirements, including relevant contact information, can be found here. Notwithstanding the AACHHR’s information requirements, all health and health-related proposals submitted to the MPHEC must be drafted using the MPHEC Information Requirements for new, modified, or terminated programs.