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Mr. Bart Soroka

Student Appointee, 2016-2017
Member, Capital Projects & Facilities Committee

Mr. Barton Soroka was born in small town northern Saskatchewan, spending a decade in towns with sub 500 populations. Moving to Regina, Bart eventually earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Regina. His time at the U of R was coloured by years on the University of Regina Students Union, University of Regina Senate, and time on the University of Regina Council. Coming to Halifax to begin law school, Bart has served as the First Year Executive Rep, VP External, and currently President of the Law Student Society, as well as serving on the DSU in multiple roles.

For the summer of 2016, Bart was fortunate to serve as a Research Assistant for Dean Camille Cameron. The research focused on improving access to justice in the Halifax community, as well as increased cultural competency for law students and professors. Much of his work has already been implemented, and there are big picture projects still underway. Spending his last student as a student working to improve the scholastic experience of his peers and future students was incredibly rewarding.

Bart has spent most of his seven-year academic career working towards good governance, bridge building, and encouraging equity. Bart hopes to be able to hit the ground running to work towards a more respectful, thoughtful, and meaningful dialogue between students at large and the Board of Governors. He looks forward to serving Dalhousie university with such a talented, esteemed group.