Rethink Resources


Rethink Posters and Stickers

Visual prompts are available to university groups. These prompts (posters and stickers) encourage people to reflect on their actions throughout their daily activities, such as turning off electrical appliances when not in use. Prompts help individuals to create habits for little things that can make a big difference when we all do them collectively.

Please select what posters and stickers you would like and then email with your selection and the name of your department or residence. We will send them through interdepartmental mail.

Rethink Educational Youtube videos

Visit the rethink youtube channel to view some funny and educational videos about rethinking sustainability on the Dalhousie campus. Forward these humorous videos around to your rethink team members to inspire them!

Rethink Sustainability Manual

Rethink Sustainability Manual Activities:

Rethink Sustainability Manual appendices: