Trees and Shrubs

Dalhousie recognizes the benefits of having a treed campus

In 2009–2010 all trees and shrubs on the Halifax campuses were inventoried. In total, there are 1200 trees and 1040 shrubs on campus representing over 100 species of woody plants. An inventory for the Agricultural Campus is forthcoming.

Norway maple, an invasive European tree species, dramatically dominates the campus tree population. Tree management efforts have been initiated that will see improvements to tree species diversity and to balance tree age and size-class structure. An emphasis has been placed on the use of native and Acadian forest plant species.  

In 2018, Norway maple were removed from Ocean Pond at Studley Campus and replaced with Acadian forest species in a 200 year tree planting event.  

Tree Protection and Biomass Replacement Policy

Dalhousie requires that new infrastructure projects preserve existing trees. A tree protection plan is required when construction activity may negatively affect trees. A project that requires the removal of a tree must replace the tree with an equal 1:1 ratio of new vegetation.