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Student Action

There are many student groups on campus taking action on food system sustainability

Groups on Campus

Campus Food Strategy Group

The Campus Food Strategy Group (CFSG) Dalhousie is an organization existing to connect students to stakeholders that currently decide food at Dalhousie.  They want to gather the opinions of students, The Loaded Ladle, Aramark, Chartwells, Faculty and the Administration, while using student research, to change the current system. This system could consist of diverse, local, student run, food, if students want this to be so. 

The CFSG at Dalhousie is one school in a network of schools across Canada participating in the project, and is supported by the Sierra Youth Coalition and Meal Exchange. The Dalhousie coordinators are Samantha Luc and Ariel Weiner, who can be reached at dal@studentfood.ca. 

The Loaded Ladle

The Loaded Ladle is a non-profit cooperative of students and community members, dedicated to providing healthy, local, affordable food to the Dalhousie campus and community.

The Loaded Ladle uses food as a platform to bring attention to political issues, such as food security, student and community poverty, and social justice. They serve free vegan meals in the SUB several times per week, and source food from local producers and suppliers.

The Loaded Ladle was created as a response to Dalhousie’s exclusivity contracts with corporate food providers. The Loaded Ladle believes students have the right to control their campus food options, and continues to fight for those rights. 

How can you get involved with the Loaded Ladle? It's easy and fun! They always need help getting all that yummy food ready and serving up their delicious dishes.  They also regularly host workshops and solidarity servings with other groups and political events.

Check out their Facebook page and Twitter, or e-mail them at loadedladle@gmail.com anytime for details on how to work with them throughout the year!

Dalhousie Student Union Sustainability Office

The Dalhousie Student Union Sustainability Office (DSUSO) strives to create a culture of sustainable practices within DSU Operations and at Dalhousie University. Some of our goals include implementing student and community run initiatives on campus through funding and peer support, challenging oppressive behaviours in our community, and engaging with key decision-making bodies within the university to promote environmental responsibility and accountability.

The easiest way to become involved is to email the DSUSO. They’d love to hear ANY ideas for speakers, workshops, garden parties, panels, publications, tastings, or anything else you can think of!

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is a Canada-wide NGO that works to eliminate poverty in Africa through sustainable development, and aid reform and education in Canada, and promote socially conscious thinking among Canadian engineers. Part of this work is promoting the use of fair trade products in Canada, especially through the Fair Trade Campus program. Students at university chapters across Canada are working hard on increasing the availability and awareness of fair trade on campuses, including at Dal where the EWB chapter is spearheading the Fair Trade Campus program.


Your Environment Sustainability Society

YESS is a student society working under the College of Sustainability at Dalhousie University. They meet weekly to discuss and collaborate on ways to make our institution a more sustainable one for the future.

Your Environment Sustainability Society (YESS) is working with the DSU and student volunteers to host a weekly farmer's market in the Student Union Building. The market will provide students with a chance to purchase fresh produce, grown by Nova Scotia's hardworking local farmers, on campus. YESS also hosts the occasional workshop on local food and sustainability. 

For more information email YESS.