Dalhousie University is striving to make food service operations more sustainable through resource efficiency and improved waste diversion


Various kitchens have been or are being upgraded across campus and old equipment is being replaced for more energy and water efficient equipment. In addition, educational programs will be developed for kitchen staff on efficient use of resources and equipment. 

In 2008, all residence dining halls managed by Aramark removed the serving trays and went "trayless". This has eliminated the washing of 4,100 trays per day, or, 900,000 trays per year. This saves 870,655 litres of water annually and the associated energy needed to heat the water, as well as reduces the use of dish soap.

For 2018 Waste Reduction Week, our office partnered with Dalhousie Food Services to monitor food waste at Howe Hall dining hall. Our communications campaign raised awareness of the growing problem of food waste on campus and beyond.